How did people in Europe between 1700 and 1900 use printed matter to mediate and structure their social and interpersonal interactions? This two-day conference brings together specialists in a number of disciplines from across North America and Great Britain to address the interpersonal...

A Public Lecture by Andrew Stauffer, Department of Eglish at University of Virginia and Director of the NINES Project.

The Interacting with Print Research Group will host a workshop designed to intervene in the field of print culture studies in order to re-imbed print within a media ecology.

A Public Lecture by Carla Hesse, Peder Sather Chair in the Department of History at UC Berkeley.

The Interacting with Print research group brings together scholars from several disciplines (including English, German, History, Modern Languages and Art History) who share interests in European print culture between 1700 and 1900.