Thursday March 14 to Friday March 15, 2019

Concordia University

How do scholars of print media constitute their object of study and what methods are used to study it? How do these questions and problems change as different disciplines encounter print media? For our next workshop, we are interested in exploring how changing paradigms of mediation have impacted norms of evidentiary and disciplinary relevance and how this bears on questions of method. Beginning with the saturation of print into everyday life in the eighteenth century, how did the new tools, communities, and practices that surrounded the development of print media influence what counted as print and what was—and wasn’t—accepted as a means of making sense of it? These types of questions were crucial for the creation of new disciplinary boundaries and new types of inquiry in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but they are also important within our own contemporary moment as new methods for digital analysis, print culture studies, media history, and media theory intersect and conflict in their analysis and understanding of print media.