Title: The Enraged Musician, an engraving.

Creator: Hogarth, William, 1697-1764.

Date: 1741

Bibliographic Citation: Hogarth, William, 1697-1764. The enraged musician. November 30th, 1741. Etching and engraving.

Notes: The Enraged Musician demonstrates print’s interaction with theatrical and operatic performance. An Italian musician loses his focus due to the clamour on the streets outside. Hogarth depicts a scene in which print media proliferate: sheet music, ballads, and notably, a playbill advertising The Beggar’s Opera.

Language: English

Subject: Musicians.

Publisher: Rare Books and Special Collections, McGill University

is Part Of: European Print Collection

is Part Of Exhibition: Print in the Media Ecology

Exhibition Theme: The Stage

Call Number: Folio 747, European Print Collection, Rare Books/Special Collections

Image Identifier: 006_folio_474_hogarth_enraged_musician-engraving