Title: David Garrick, Esq., by Thomas Nicolas Cochin, an engraving.

Creator: Cochin, Charles Nicolas, 1715-1790.

Date: 1776

Bibliographic Citation: Cochin, Charles Nicolas, 1715-1790. David Garrick, Esq. King’s Arms, Paternoster Row : J. Hinton, [1776]. Etching and engraved plate from The Universal Magazine.

Notes: This portrait was printed the year of Garrick’s retirement from the stage. It presents the actor in profile, taking on aspects of the portrait bust and alluding to the elevated status Garrick had achieved through his career as a performer and stage manager. Garrick was preoccupied with the ephemeral nature of the theatre. In the “Prologue” to The Clandestine Marriage he laments that “he who struts his Honour upon the Stage / Can scarce extend is Fame for Half an Age, / Nor Pen nor Pencil can the Actor save,” while “The Art, and Artist, share one common Grave.” Images like this not only preserved the actor’s likeness for posterity, they manipulated the way future audiences would receive such representations as well.

Language: English

Subject: Garrick, David, 1717-1779 — Portraits.

Publisher: Rare Books and Special Collections, McGill University

is Part Of: European Portrait Collection 8o

is Part Of Exhibition: Print in the Media Ecology

Exhibition Theme: The Stage

Image Identifier: 011_garrick_universal_magazine-plate