Title: Leaflets of Memory (1852), Title Page

Creator: Coates, Reynell, 1802-1886

Date: Coates, Reynell, 1802-1886

Bibliographic Citation: Leaflets of Memory: An Illuminated Annual for MDCCLII. Ed. Reynell Coates. Philadelphia: E. H. Butler, 1852.

IX.a Sinclair Colgate Collection

Notes: The title page of Leaflets of Memory is indicative of the ornate decoration that characterizes the genre of the literary annual. The binding of the book is equally lavish, featuring a golden foil scrollwork on embossed faux leather. The rich colour and intricate design is coupled with the more simple but no less delicate print, “The Sisters.” This pairing embodies the nature of the annual, at once a repository of sentiment as well as a collectible keepsake, something to be treasure privately and displayed publicly. Note also how the typefaces joined with each image are designed to imitate script: a thin, delicate hand is associated with the black and white engraving whilst a more elaborate lettering, reminiscent of the illuminated letters of medieval manuscripts, graces the title page.

Language: English

Subject: Gift books.

Publisher: Rare Books and Special Collections, McGill University

is Part Of: Colgate Collection

is Part Of Exhibition: Interactions of Script and Print in the Nineteenth Century

Exhibition Theme: Writing and Sharing

Call Number: IX.a Sinclair Colgate

Image Identifier: IX.a_Sinclair_Titlepage