Title: The Naturalist’s and Traveller’s Companion, hand-coloured engraved frontispiece and title page

Creator: Lettsom, John Coakley, 1744-1815.

Date: 1799

Bibliographic Citation: Lettsom, John Coakley, 1744-1815. The Naturalist’s and Traveller’s Companion. London: C. Dilly, 1799.

Notes: This easily-portable book provides detailed instructions for the collection and preservation of a variety of natural history objects, from plants to birds to shells.

Physical Description: image.frontispiece.colour 22 × 28 cm

Language: English

Description: The preface of this third edition shares the following recipe for transporting seeds: “It is merely packing up seeds in absorbent paper, and surrounding the same by raisins, or brown moist sugar; which, by experiment, seems to afford that genial moisture requisite to preserve the seeds in a state fit for vegetation.” Similar manuals are known to have appeared in both German and French during the late eighteenth century.

Subject: Natural history — Technique.

Publisher: Rare Books and Special Collections, McGill University

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Exhibition Theme: Networks of Correspondence

Call Number: QH60 L4 Rare Books/Special Collections – Macdonald Rare Book Collection

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