Title: Flora oder Botanische Zeitung, frontispiece and title page

Date: 1819

Bibliographic Citation: Flora oder Botanische Zeitung: welche Recensionen, Abhandlungen, Aufsätze, Neuigkeiten und Nachrichten, die Botanik betreffend, enthält. Regensburg: Königliche Botanische Gesellschaft, 1818-1965.

Notes: This 1819 issue of the Journal Flora displays the newly discovered flower Schmidtia utriculosa Seidel.

Physical Description: image.frontispiece.colour 17,5 × 21 cm

Language: German

Description: Founded in 1790 and still in existence today, the Regensburgische Botanische Gesellschaft (Regensburg Botanical Society), which published Flora, can lay claim to being the world’s oldest continuously active botanical society. According to the editors of this early volume, Flora was to act as a mediator of the “freest communication of botanical discoveries, systems, and ideas,” in addition to being an “assembly point” (Vereinigungspunkt) for the members of the Society.

Subject: Botany — Periodicals.

Publisher: Rare Books and Special Collections, McGill University

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Exhibition Theme: Societies and Periodicals

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