Title: Title page and preliminary page of Caprices d’un bibliophile / par Octave Uzanne.

Creator: Uzanne, Octave, 1852-1931.

Bibliographic Citation: Uzanne, Octave, 1852-1931. Caprices d’un bibliophile / par Octave Uzanne. Paris : Librairie ancienne et moderne, É. Rouveyre, 1878.
Z992 U99 C3 1878 Rare Books/Special Collections – McLennan Bldg, 4th floor

Notes: The famous English bibliophile Andrew Lang once wrote, “the love of books for their own sake, for their paper, print, binding, and for their associations, as distinct from the love of literature, is a stronger and more universal passion in France than elsewhere in Europe.” Octave Uzanne represented this new generation of fin-de-siècle bibliophiles who rejected the growing trend of mass-produced books on cheap paper. In the spirit of preserving the ancient arts of book-making, partnered with a healthy dose of elitism, they revived the concept of the livre de luxe with Moroccan bindings, Japanese paper, and colorful illustrations. He was also a prolific author on the subjects of bibliophilia and bibliomania, often lamenting how the two words are so frequently confused as synonyms. In this particular work, Uzanne described the common situation of many bibliophiles who began collecting books for the content within the pages, only to eventually become more interested in the quality of the materials on the outside. Uzanne did not view this as a negative development. Fearing books would become obsolete in the age of phonographs and cylinders, he actively encouraged placing high material value on books as objects.

Language: French

Subject: Bibliomania.
Erotic literature.

Publisher: Rare Books and Special Collections, McGill University

is Part Of Exhibition: People in the World of Print

Exhibition Theme: Bibliophilia and Bibliomania

Call Number: Z992 U99 C3 1878 Rare Books/Special Collections (McLennan Bldg, 4th floor)

Image Identifier: uzanne_caprices_bibliophile_1878_limited_ed_statement-titlepage