Title: Patriotic Regeneration – viz – Parliament Reform’d a la Francoise

Creator: Gillray, James, 1756-1815

Bibliographic Citation: Gillray, James, 1756-1815. Patriotic regeneration, viz, parliament reform’d a la francoise. Published by Hannah Humphrey, 2 March 1795.

Notes: Gillray’s satiric vision of a British Parliament reformed by French Revolution sympathizers includes sacks of assignats, which had come to symbolize not only the French Revolution, but its failure. While Pitt stands trial for everything England holds dear, Fox, presiding, orders the burning of the Bible and of the Magna Carta, and offers alternate books as cornerstones, including Paine’s The Rights of Man, as well as titles by Rousseau and Voltaire.

Physical Description: image.print.colour 26.1 x 39 cm

Language: English

Description: Hand-coloured etching, engraving, and aquatint, with additional scoring of the plate.

Publisher: Rare Books and Special Collections, McGill University

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Call Number: British Caricature 077, Rare Books/Special Collections – Print Collection (McLennan Bldg, 4th floor)

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