The Interacting with Print Research Group is launching an innovative collaborative book project as part of its ongoing attempt to change how we think about print media. Taking as its theme the subtitle of our group, the « multigraph » will address the variety of cultural practices of intermediality prevalent in Europe in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Our aim is to investigate how individuals interacted with printed matter, how they used print to interact with each other, and how print itself interacted with other influential media from the period, such as handwriting, illustration, sculpture, the theatre, musical performance, public readings, and polite conversation. « Interactive » is a word most often associated with digital technologies, but we contend that a nuanced and historicized concept of interactivity is key to developing a deeper understanding of print technology. The multigraph will provide readers with a systematic overview of key concepts for the study of this vital period of media transition, from print’s emergence as the predominant communications technology in Europe until the onset of electronic media in the twentieth century.